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Our products are the advanced multi-axis CNC lathe.

Ray Feng is a Taiwan CNC lathe and turning machine manufacturer. We started our business decades ago manufacturing electromechanical control units and providing automation solutions to the industrial sector. With years of experience in machine automation, we decided to expand our business to the CNC machine market. In 2004, the brand Ray Feng was founded and started to manufacture CNC machine tools. Adopting specialized techniques, The CNC lathe and milling machine we build are suitable for processing small-scale workpieces. The machining processes of our machines include turning, milling, chamfering, drilling, tapping, threading, to name a few, and these processes can be carried out on one single station. In addition, Ray Feng’s CNC machine tools have CE certification. We take responsibility not only for the quality of our products but for the safety and health of our staff and the environment.


Quality and Branding is the Lifeline

Thank you to all our international and domestic clients for your continuous support and belief are Ray Feng Machine’s drive to grow. In our ninth year, we have re-designed our logo to give the brand more inspiration and recognition. The new logo indicates the revitalization and creation of Ray Feng’s new territory. Ray Feng Machine’s new logo consists of silver earth surrounded by a golden ribbon. The golden ribbon represents a mighty dragon that constantly casts shines and hugs the world and symbolizes Ray Feng's endless pursuit of perfection. The silver globe represents the humbleness and sustainability of Ray Feng. Your support has inspired our growth and led us to success. We will carry on providing excellent services and CNC machine tools to our clients as the leading Taiwan CNC lathe supplier.