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A Highly Rigid Swiss type Machine and Excellent for Continuous Precision Machine

Flexibly corresponds to various machining, from simple machining to complex machining. The G.B type can be used to regulate material deflection and achieve accurate machining. For short parts, the N.G.B type can be used to minimize the residual material length and reduce the material cost.

  • Design to adopt various tooling options. You can choose optimal tooling to achieve level of productivity. For example thread whirling unit, polygon unit, Slotting unit, and etc….
  • Powerful Back end Tool Station come with total 8 pcs of Live tools , Standard are 4 pcs and Fixed tool 4 pcs. (RSB-32Y/38Y Only)

Main SpindleModelRSB-32RSB-32YRSB-38RSB-38Y
Max. Machining Diameter (Revolving Guide Bush)Ø 32 mmØ 38 mm
(N.G.B Ø42 mm)
Max. Turning Length (Revolving Guide Bush)200 mm200 mm
Max. Turning Length (Non Guide Bush)Material Dia. x 2.5 (Max.50 mm)Material Dia. x 2.5 (Max.50 mm)
Min. Input Unit0.001 mm0.001 mm
O. D. Tool□16mm x 6 pcs□16mm x 6 pcs
Sleeve HolderC25-ER16 - 4 pcsC25-ER16 - 4 pcs
Power Driven ToolER16 x 5 pcsER20 x 5 pcs
Power Driven Driver Motor1.5 kW2.2 kW
Power Driven Tool Max. Speed6,000 rpm6,000 rpm
Spindle Motor3.7 / 5.5 kW5.5 / 7.5 kW
Main Spindle Speed8,000 rpm6,000 rpm
Sub SpindleMax. Machining DiameterØ 32 mmØ 38 mm
Max. Length for Front Ejection50 mm50 mm
Max. Parts Projection Length30 mm30 mm
Back 4 - Spindle HolderER16 x 4 pcsER16 x 8 pcsER16 x 4 pcsER16 x 8 pcs
Max. Sub Spindle Speed6,000 rpm6,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Motor3.7/5.5 kW5.5/7.5 kW
Power Driven Driver Motor1.0 kW1.0 kW
Power Driven Tool Max. Speed6,000 rpm6,000 rpm
GeneralAxis Rapid Speed30 m/min30 m/min
Hydraulic Pump0.75 kW0.75 kW
Coolant Tank Capacity150 L150 L
Coolant Pump Motor960 W960 W
Machine Dimension2757 x 1456 x 1830 mm2757 x 1456 x 1830 mm
Machine Weight (N. W.)3800 kg3900 kg
Power SupplyAC/3PH/220V/20 kWAC/3PH/220V/20 kW
Standard Accessories
Operation Panel 10.4 inch Color LCD DisplayRevolving Guide Bush
C-Axis Control (Main & Sub Spindle)Main & Sub Spindle Hydraulic Cylinder
O.D. Tool HolderPower Driven Tool
4 Tool Sleeve HolderBack Machining 4 Spindle Tool Unit (RSB-32/38)
Back Machining 8 Spindle Tool Unit (RSB-32Y/38Y)Door Interlock System
Coolant Flow DetectorCut Off Detector
Air Cleaning for Revolving Guide BushSub Spindle Chips Cleaning Unit (Air & Coolant Spray)
Parts Ejection DetectorWorking Light
Pneumatic UnitLubrication Unit
Parts Conveyor 
Optional Accessories
Non-Guide Bushing HolderAuto Bar Feeder Machine
Chip Conveyor with CartLong Part Ejector with Guide Tube
High Pressure Coolant Device (30bar / 70bar)Oil Mist Collector
Auto StabilizerCE Marking Version
3-Spindle Front Power Driven Tool Unit2-Spindle Front Power Driven Tool Unit
Thread Whirling UnitPolygon Unit
Slotting UnitAuto Stabilizer & Transformer

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
The sound pressure level is 80 dB(A) at the position of one meter outside the machine.