CNC Turning Lathe
  • RC Series

    Top Performance, Economical price

    The RC series are the gang type structure and the inclined bed structure design which not only can effectively save tool changing time also allows the chip to exclude more convenience. RC series also with power-driven tools, edge milling, tapping, drilling, grooving processing capacity. The RC series CNC lathe lets you enjoy extraordinary precision and productivity.


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  • RCY Series

    Top Performance, Economical price

    The RCY series is the sliding-head CNC lathe that has a gang tooling system with an inclined bed design. Such a configuration is advantageous for it reduces the tool change time and improves chip evacuation at the same time. Another key feature of the RCY series is the CNC live tooling system. Live tooling enables the machine to adopt various types of cutting tools so that the lathe can perform multiple machining operations, including turning, tapping, edge milling, drilling, grooving, to name a few. Aside from CNC live tooling, the sliding head poses the workpiece extremely close to the cutting bit, which renders excellent accuracy and precision during the process. In all, Ray Feng’s RCY sliding-head lathe series shows great performance and reliability. Leave us a message here to learn more about our machines!

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Swiss Type CNC Lathe
  • RSB-20(Y)

    Lets Complicated Parts finished in a single step on RSB-20(Y)

    The Swiss type CNC lathe - RSB series has main and sub spindle and front and back tooling system, RSB-20/20Y is equipped with C1/C2 axis and X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Z2/Y2 precision axis system. The Swiss type CNC lathe - RSB series allows many kinds of tools simultaneously working on the same or different work piece to shorten the processing time. The Swiss type RSB series CNC auto lathe center is designed to allow the customer to select the appropriate configuration for given application.

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  • RSB-32/38(Y)

    A Highly Rigid Swiss type Machine and Excellent for Continuous Precision Machine

    Flexibly corresponds to various machining, from simple machining to complex machining. The G.B type can be used to regulate material deflection and achieve accurate machining. For short parts, the N.G.B type can be used to minimize the residual material length and reduce the material cost.

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Ray Feng Machine Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based CNC lathe manufacturer. Starting in 2004, we set our goal to provide the best CNC machines for all industries across the globe. As the leading CNC machine manufacturer in Taiwan, we only use the best quality components to build our machines. You can find the 2-axis and 3-axis CNC lathe for general-purpose machining processes in Ray Feng. You can also find the state-of-the-art Swiss-type CNC lathe here too. This multi-axis CNC machine can meet the most demanding requirements in fields such as electronics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, and more.Check our inventory here or leave us a message here.

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