cnc auto lathe manufacturer

A CNC Turning Lathe is an advanced machine tool that can perform a series of machining operations such as turning, boring, threading, drilling, facing, grooving, knurling, etc. It is valued by the modern manufacturing and engineering sectors because of the efficiency and precision the machine can achieve. Turning refers to the process that rotates a cylindrical workpiece at a certain speed with a spindle. As the workpiece is spinning, cutting tools advance to remove materials from the piece to form the desired shape.

Tooling System

Given such a simple working principle, the CNC Turning Lathe is efficient with the arrangement of the cutting tools. There are essentially two tooling systems today’s CNC lathes apply, gang tooling and turret tooling. Gang tooling collects the cutting tools on one tool holder in the sequence of the cutting operations to perform. On the other hand, turret tooling has the cutters set and indexed on a disc. The CNC lathe equipped with the tooling gang or turret is called gang tool lathe and turret lathe respectively. Both arrangements aim to streamline the machining operations, cut down the machine downtime, and boost overall productivity.


CNC System

While the tooling system enhances the efficiency of the lathe, the CNC system grants excellent precision and repeatability to the machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control; it controls all the parameters regarding the operations the lathe performs. For example, the system couples with the servo motors to regulate the speed of the spindle based on the operation. In addition, CNC also controls the feeding rate of the cutters, the change of the cutters, the lubrication of the workpiece, and more. As the machining environment is constantly monitored and the factors controlled, the lathe gets to repeat the exact same cycle to produce precision parts.

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