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Ray Feng’s RC-42TS is a turret lathe that is ideal for repetitive operations. It utilizes the turret tooling system, which allows the use of multiple cutting bits at a time during an operation to improve the overall productivity. The turret is a disc-like structure that has cutting tools mounted on the outer diameter. It rotates to pose the cutting tool to the machining area to cut the workpiece. By using the turret, the need to remove/reload the cutting tool for different operations is eliminated. On top of that, the turret is controlled by the CNC system, which guarantees great accuracy. Scroll down to see more details of Ray Feng’s turret lathe.

  • High rigidity CNC Lathe with single turret, single spindle
  • The full Roller Type Linear guideway on X and Z Axis
  • 5.5/7.5KW Spindle Motor. (Opt. 7.5KW/11KW)
  • Faster Rapid traverse 30m/min on X and 36m/min Z Axis,
    Spindle Speed 6000rpm
  • 6" Three Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
    (Opt. Collet chuck type and 8" Three Jaw Hydraulic Chuck)
  • 12 Station Servo Turret (Opt. 12 Station Power Turret)


Turret TypeServo TurretPower Turret(BMT45)
CapabilityBed SwingØ530 mm
Standard Turning DiameterØ162 mmØ180 mm
Max. Turning DiameterØ260 mmØ200 mm
Max. Turning Length190 mm170 mm
Bar CapacityØ42 mm (Opt. Ø51mm)
Axis Spec.X Axis Stroke20+130 mm
Z Axis stroke250 mm
X/Z FeedrateX:30 / Z:30 m/min
X/Z Motor Power1.5 KW
X/Z Ballscrewec.Ø36 mm x P10
 X/Z Guideway Spec.35 mm
SpindleMax. Spindle Speed6000 rmp
Spindle NoseA2-5
Spindle through Hole Dia.56 mm (Opt.65 mm)
Spindle Bearing Inside Dia.80 mm
Spindle Draw bar Hole Dia.45 mm
Spindle Motor Power5.5/7.5KW (Opt.7.5/11KW)
Turret Spec.Number of Tools12 pcs
Tool Shank Size□20 mm
Boring Bar Size32 mm
Tool Changing Time0.9 sec.
Rotary tool Speed---4000rpm
Tailstock(Opt.)Quill Diameter60 mm
Tailstock Stroke130 mm
Ouill Stroke75 mm
Ouill TaperMT.3
GeneralCooland Tank140 L
Required Power15 KVA
Machine Height1720 mm
Machine Floor Space1660 mm x 1670 mm
Machine Weight2500 KG2600 KG
ControllerMitsubishi / Syntec



Standard Accessories

  • 12 Station Servo Turret
  • 6" Hydraulic Chuck
  • Boring Bar/Drill Holder x 4pcs
  • Facing Holder x 2pcs
  • Working LED Light
  • 3 step alarm Light
  • Lubrication System
  • Coolant System
  • Hydraulic chucking system
  • Instruction manual


Optional Accessories

  • 8" Hydraulic Chuck
  • Manually Hydraulic Tailstock
  • Boring bar sleeve
  • U Drill socket
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Auto Barfeeder Interface
  • 12 Station Power Turret
  • Auto Tool Presetter
  • Manual Tool Presetter
  • Part Catcher
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Oil Mist Collector
  • CE Marking